About Me (Nick Babcock)

I’m Nick Babcock, a recent grad of the University of Michigan in the Computer Science Engineering program. I’m always enthusiastic about programming, whether it’s learning a new technology or looking back on code I’ve written several months and finding ways to improve.

For more about me and my projects, see my résumé (html / pdf) and Github.

About NBSoftSolutions

NBSoftSolutions was born when I was but a wee lad in high school and I needed a corporation in which to do business with my client, whom at the time was based in Portugal. Nowadays it serves as a home for my musings and adventures to keep the site fresh until the glory days of when it was a software development and consultation company can be resurrected.


If you would like to get in contact for any purpose, please email contact [at] nbsoftsolutions [dot] com.