About Me

I’m Nick Babcock (résumé: html / pdf):

Things I do

For work, I write backend python applications for engineers for managing their simulations in an HPC environment. I also write Java microservices focussing on speed, ease of use and maintenance for healthcare exchanges. I ensure code bases are well tested with end-to-end integration tests, code coverage, and pass static analysis checks on continuous integration infrastructure. I create visualization dashboards for critical services.

For open source, I maintain several projects – some of them are described here. I take pride in projects I’ve created that push the performance envelope whether it’s in parsing, hashing, bit-reading, or image decoding. Creating a lightweight site with minimal dependencies that calls out to WebAssembly for a performance uplift sparks joy for me.

In life, I express my creative side through writing, programming, and simulation management games. I try and maximize the value I bring into work, but also maximize the time I have for myself and loved ones.

Thanks, -Nick.


If you would like to get in contact for any purpose, please email contact [at] nbsoftsolutions [dot] com.